Macedonian Iconography at Saint Sophia Church in Albany, NY.


Iconography at Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Albany, New Yok by Efthimios Altin Stoja. Efthimios began working at Saint Sophia Church in 2006 

  • An icon featuring Jesus on a blue geometric background, around his head is a golden halo. Photo by Anne Rappaport

Albany County is home to a number of Orthodox churches, denominations include, Ukranian, Greek, and Russian. Many of them feature work by Efthimios Altin Stoja. Macedonian iconography depicts religious scenes and figures. The ancient art form is taught in studios, master to apprentice. Apprentices begin work on small projects and preparing supplies. Paints are mixed from dry pigments, and delicate gold leaf appears in many icons. Large scale works are created by taking measurements for architectural drawing to place subjects. In many cases pieces are transferred to large sections of wall using a canvas transfer method. Icons often decorate the dome shaped architecture features common to orthodox churches.  

From The Artist/Community : 

“In my father’s village there are 17 churches over 500 years old. When I saw the churches, I saw the ancient frescos and I was was my dream to do something like that.”  


“Iconography is called ierí zografikí in Greek it means “holy painting” and I feel well when I’m painting, that I’m praying to God. When I work, I work with Byzantine hymns...  ancient hymns. I feel very well in that time, like I am praying to God”  

Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church 440 Whitehall Rd, Albany, NY 12208
Fri, Mar 12, 2021 to Sun, Apr 4, 2021