Rushani is one of the Pamir languages spoken in Afghanistan and Tajikistan.The Roshan area is located in the northern part of the Shighnan District, in the Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan.[what about Tajikistan?] Roshan consists of six villages, five of which are located on the bank of the river Panj, which meets[clarification needed] at the border of Tajikistan.[3] Most Rushani speakers belong to the Ismaili branch of Shi'a Islam.[3] Rushani people were a part of the West Pamir ethnic groups that belonged to the Nizari Branch. The Nizari branch was led by the leader Agha Khan the Fourth. The Rushani language group is amongst the few groups that is genetically related and is located close to other locations, all in one region.[7]

Mirgulova Shirmo, a Rushani speaker originally from Vamar in the Rushan region of Tajikistan, sings a Rushani lullaby. In th second video, she discusses the lullaby and its wider context in her life. Part of the Lullabies of New York Project, supported by the Brooklyn Arts Council. In Rushani with Rushani and English subtitles by Husniya Khujamyorova.


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