A tool for peace: interview with a Korean folklorist, Mr. Chi-Chung Kim


Documentary interview with Chi-Chung Kim, a folklorist who specializes in Korean percussive music, by Vong Pak at Mr. Kim's home in Queens. Chi-Chung Kim speaks about his 70 years playing Korean traditional pungmul percussive music and what Korean music means to him."


This documentary was written and directed by Vong Pak in Brooklyn, New York and edited by Noah Namgoong as part of the Heritage Ambassador Program. The first public showing of the documentary was on January 15, 2023, hosted virtually by Brooklyn Public Library on BPL Facebook. Brooklyn Public Library’s Folk Arts program is supported by funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.


From The Artist/Community : 

Chi-Chung Kim is a Pungmul player who was one of the first to introduce Korean percussive music to the East Coast of the United States. Vong Pak is a Korean folklorist, teaching artist, and theatre practitioner. He is a Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY) grant award artist and Brooklyn Public Library Heritage Ambassador. He is currently documenting first generation Korean immigrant folklores in the U.S.


Flushing, Queens New York
Korea, South
Sat, Oct 1, 2022 to Sun, Jan 1, 2023
New York City
Korean, English
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