Ya Galbi Khali El Hal by Fatiha Makloufi


Fatiha Makloufi, a singer of Algerian Andalusian tradition, sings “Ya Galbi Khali el Hal”, most famously sung by Fadela el Dziria (from Algeria)


Andalusian music is a musical style that originated in Southern Spain and is now practiced in the region of Northern Africa (often named the Maghreb- Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia). This style was created from the Moorish Muslim rule from the 8th-15th centuries and is a mix of influences from Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Spanish, and Amazigh and was known to be created by the Arab musician Ali Ibn Nafi , known as Ziryab. With the re-conquering of Spain by its Christian inhabitants, the Muslims were pushed to the south of Spain before being exiled from the country in the 15th century, maintaining control mainly in North African countries.  Andalusian music is known to be meditative and for gatherings such as weddings or hennas and takes on under different names across the Maghreb (Gharnati in Morocco, Chaabi/Algeroise in Algeria, etc) Andalusian music is known for its “nuba” that are a notes of a scale and guidelines in which a musical piece of composed. Ziryab original style used to have 24 nubas or modes of music to represent each hour of the day!




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Tue, Oct 15, 2019
New York City